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logoActive Holiday Company is a private limited company, and this company provides tourism services to its customers, we divide the world into ‘our type’ travelers and the rest of the world so that our passengers like to do more. They just do not want to go behind the scenes, but we do our work with heart. They want to tell a different story – not just now, but for a long time after returning home. Our trips are for those who want to separate
We provide real experience, as we take the back roads – sometimes on bicycles, sometimes on foot and sometimes on good all-tuks or trains; Are camping in the wild or stopping at local homes and living in vintage homes mostly living in less known families. On our trips, you stop for that tasting of beer on tasteless brewery or you have a lesson to cook on the way, discover a unique street cafe, revolve around very little known villages, soak in the scenery, local Stop chatting with people, we have a high regard for our customers, so that their holidays change in a memorable moment.

Toll Free Number / Customer Care Number:
+919886681381 / +918048543761

E-Mail: [email protected]

Registered Address:
63, First Main, 9 Cross, Lower Palace Orchards,
Sadashivnagar-560080 Bangalore(560003) India.

Web Site:

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