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logoAlder Tours and Safari is a Private Limited Company. Now the best choice is for special travel and travel to the Indian subcontinent, Africa, the Far East and India, China and other parts of the world.
It was an Indian man and a Kenyan woman born company, which, together with East Africa, India, Far East, Indo China etc., decided to share the treasure, whether you are interested in historical, sightseeing , And be spiritual or adventurous, we can provide a personal journey that you will never forget
We guide you through the miracles of India, Africa, Far East, India China and other places. If its large predators and herds of animals, which you imagine, we can guide Safari through a journey through one of the private game stores in Serengeti National Park or South Africa in Tanzania. If your interests move you further, Adler Tours and Safari can guide you through the jungles of Borneo or Sarawak on the cruise with the Yangtze River, China or some food in Bangkok, Thailand, Thailand or Thailand. Cooking classes can also suggest. For the change of speed, you can see the hidden secret of the beautiful Chiang Mai or the Northern Western Thailand – the home of the Kanchanaburi province, which is home to the legendary 700 year old city Ayutthaya, is found by King Ram 1 and Death Railway , Bridge is a close encounter with the River Kwai and then Big Cats – Tiger living in Tiger Temple
Similarly, see the spectacular sunrise beyond the snow covered by the Himalayas, selecting a mountainous land under the wild slopes, soaking in an interesting cultural heritage or trek through dense leaves, to see some exotic wildlife and see the wonderful variety of India Has offered you the lifespan of a unique and unforgettable experience for yourself. We will provide you a memorable journey. And make everybody good to you.

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Rajkot-360002 Gujarat

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